Let's Mitigate Cancer Together

As the cancer concerns are on the rise, the healthcare system is seeking innovation to mitigate cancer effects. Know here the detailed Cancer-related information & learn CANKADO’s new technology offering improved patient safety in the cancer treatment phase.

Know more about your symptoms, cancer drugs ,
and its side-effects.

cancer drugs

Do you know all about the drug you take?

There are various cancer drugs in the market, so it is imperative to know the information about these drugs as far as a patient is concerned. Get at one place the complete and detailed information on various cancer drugs, its usage, and side-effects.

Know in detail about symptoms

Symptoms tell us about the disease we have. A proper understanding of different symptoms can help us counter the disease. Know here about the various symptoms and their treatments.


What CANKADO offers?

pro react onco

Improving cancer treatment & care with

CANKADO is introducing a new technology in digital healthcare applications on Oncology. The technology assists a cancer patient and an oncologist in the phase of cancer treatment. This innovation works based on patient-reported outcome data allowing an efficient patient-physician interface.


At one place know the best information on various cancer drugs and common symptoms associated.

CANKADO’s PRO-react Onco helps efficient patient physician communication in the treatment phase.


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