Stretch marks

Symptoms Stretch marks Overview As the name suggests Stretch marks or Striae are lines or stripes formed when the skin stretches. It has an off-color hue which will not go easily and takes time to disappear. Stretch marks occur at the time of puberty and pregnancy. It will not pose a serious health threat. Can […]

Nail Discoloration

Symptoms Nail Discoloration Overview If your nail appears yellow, green or white then it is called Nail discoloration and the most common cause will be fungus infection from dust, air or soil. Also, discolored toenails or fingernails can be a sign of any serious health issue too. When to meet a physician? You should consult […]

Darkening of skin

Symptoms Darkening of skin Overview Skin darkening is common among people and Hyperpigmentation is the term used to denote over- blackening of skin. It is also the cause of darkened spots on skin but which is a harmless skin condition where the skin becomes darker than usual. The main reason of skin darkening is due […]

Skin burns from radiation

Symptoms Skin burns from radiation Overview Radiation therapy is one of the cancer treatments. Here, X-rays are made to penetrate through the skin to destroy the cancer cells. This process can cause a skin condition called Radiation Dermatitis or radiation burns. Burns on the skin can occur that looks like a sunburn sometimes associated with […]

Bed/pressure sores

Symptoms Bed/pressure sores Overview Bedsores are also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers. Which develops on the skin and also on the underlying tissue resulting due to the continuous pressure in the skin. This is mostly formed in the bony parts of the body like heels, ankles, hips, and tailbones. When the patient in […]

Sensitivity to sunlight

Symptoms Sensitivity to sunlight Overview Extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from the sun or any other light source is referred to as Photosensitivity. People with photosensitivity will have the sun burn even exposed to the sun for very low time and also to any other lights will emit UV rays. The skin experiencing sunburn is […]

Nail ridging

Symptoms Nail ridging Overview Usually, nails have ridges Aging often results in nail ridging. There will be vertical ridges develop in older peoples some times it may indicate any symptoms of vitamin deficiency or diabetes. Also, deep horizontal ridges will be formed which is named Beau’s line, this indicates the serious condition. what causes fingernail […]

Nail loss

Symptoms Nail loss Overview Nail loss or onycholysis is a condition where the nails of a person start detaching from the nail bed. Nail loss is not a serious health issue but it can be a symptom of any serious ailment. In this case, the nail exhibits different colors than usual. Nail loss can last […]

Hand-foot syndrome

Symptoms Hand foot syndrome Overview Palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia is another name for the hand-foot syndrome. This may result as a side effect of cancer treatment. there will be redness, swelling, pain, tightness of the skin, severe pain, difficulty in walking or using your hand, soles of the foot and also some blisters can appear. What causes […]


Symptoms Hives Overview Hives are also known as Urticaria. This is a sudden outbreak that produces pale red bumps, swollen or wheals on the skin, this may be due to the result of certain allergies any other unknown reasons. Usually, hives produce itching and sometimes it will be burning or sting. It can appear all […]