Irregular menstruation

Symptoms Irregular menstruation Overview When a menstrual cycle prolongs more than 35 days it is referred to as irregular menstruation. The cycle may vary on days per cycle. this may be due to if you have any contraception method or any hormonal imbalance, Also if you are at the stage of menopause then you can […]

Urinary incontinence

Symptoms Urinary incontinence Overview A person with urinary incontinence initiates urination without their knowledge. In this case, the involuntary urine leakage occurs even if they don’t want to do so. It happens when the urinary sphincter gets weakened and its control is gone. Women experience this more compared to men. What are the 4 types […]

Urine Discoloration

Symptoms Urine Discoloration Overview Changes in urine color are termed as urine discoloration. It can be normally due to medications or certain food dyes. In some cases, urine discoloration can be a reason for any serious health issues like chronic liver disease. We can say urine is discolored when it shows red, blue, green, etc. […]

Urinary frequency

Symptoms Urinary frequency Overview It is the urinary problem where one feels to urinate frequently in a day or many times at night, Nocturia. Polyuria is the frequent urination accompanied by high urine output, which is different from Urinary frequency. The urine volume will be less in this case. What causes urinary frequency? Urinary frequency […]

Urinary urgency

Symptoms Urinary urgency Overview The feeling of urgency to urinate is known as Urinary urgency. The person may feel a sudden compelling need to urinate. This problem is mostly seen in aged people. Sometimes it can go to an extent of the uncontrollable situation called urge incontinence. Urinary urgency is not a necessary symptom of […]

Urinary Tract Pain

Symptoms Urinary tract pain Overview Urinary tract pain is the pain experienced during urination. It happens as the muscles get contracted to squeeze out fully the urine via the urethra. The cause of pain during urination can be related to different bladder problems. Urinary tract infection, interstitial cystitis, and bladder cancer are the main causes. […]

Vaginal dryness

Symptoms Vaginal dryness Overview Vaginal dryness is the cause of decreased estrogen production in females at the time of menopause. It is the estrogen that makes the vagina lining lubricated and elastic. Although it is a minor irritation, it badly affects the sex life. There are some medications to get rid of this. What does […]

Vaginal discharge

Symptoms Vaginal discharge Overview Inside the vagina, there will be glands containing fluids that carry away dead cells and bacteria. This helps in keeping the vagina clean and away from infection. Vaginal discharge is normal and not much complicated. While ovulating there will be more discharge. What causes increased discharge? Vaginal discharge is normal and […]