Body odor

Symptoms Body odor Overview Apocrine sweat gland secrets sweat in the human skin gland. This secret majority of chemical compounds which is used to metabolize odorant substances. Body odor is the unpleasant smell that arouses from the human body when the bacteria present in the skin break down sweat into acids. This may result in […]

Injection site reaction

Symptoms Injection site reaction Overview On injecting a drug on the skin, there can be cases of redness or inflammation in the area where the drug was injected. This is called an injection site reaction. It happens because of extravasation that is when drugs escape out of veins after injection. Sometimes it can be a […]


Symptoms Epistaxis Overview Epistaxis is the medical term of nose bleeding. It mostly occurs when the lining of blood vessels in the nose starts to bleed. It is often seen as acute hemorrhage from the nasal cavity or nostrils. Epistaxis creates anxiety in patients as sometimes it can be due to tumors, trauma, etc. Nasal […]

Hot flashes

Symptoms Hot flashes Overview If you are feeling sudden hotness or intense warmth caused not by any external causes then you have got hot flashes. The upper portion of the body gets a hot feeling, redness and over sweating can occur. In cancer patients, it is a common discomfort. Other causes of hot flashes are […]


Symptoms Hyperhidrosis Overview Hyperhidrosis or abnormal excessive sweating is an abnormal behavior of the body as a person starts to sweat without heat or exercise. Excessive sweating occurs when sweat glands won’t shut down its function. Palmar hyperhidrosis is the name for excessive sweating on palms. It can disrupt daily activities and also cause social […]


Symptoms Chills Overview Chills are the feeling of being cold and a person starts to shiver. It may not be due to the external cold climatic condition but due to internal health issues like a fever. It is a symptom of abnormal health conditions and mostly arises due to fever. There are other causes for […]


Symptoms Bruising Overview Bruising also called ecchymosis is mostly caused when capillary damage occurs due to trauma. This localized bleeding will spread to surrounding tissues resulting in skin discoloration. In most cases, bruises[contusions] appear red in color as these are not too deep beneath the skin. A bruise is also described as hematoma of tissue. […]

Gynecomastia/Breast pain

Symptoms Gynecomastia/Breast pain Overview If a male has an enlargement or swelling of breast tissue is referred to as Gynecomastia. This is commonly caused due to the increased level of estrogen than testosterone levels in males. What is breast pain? While attaining puberty there will be more production of estrogen which develops breast. Every menstrual […]