Aching joints

Symptoms Aching joints Overview Aching joints are one of the common pain that occurs mostly by doing heavy physical activity, sprains, etc. The joint pain can be due to many reasons like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. On consulting a physician, aching joints can be mitigated easily. Physiotherapy or other medical treatments can work. What causes […]

Aching muscles

Symptoms Aching muscles Overview Muscle pain is usually due to overuse of muscles, tension, muscle injury from exercise. The main and the common cause of muscle ache is fibromyalgia it is a condition which causes your muscle to get tendered. This may lead to many other issues like headache, etc. What can cause aching muscle? […]


Symptoms Headache Overview Feeling any pain in the head region is referred to as a Headache. Headache may present in one or both sides of the head and be isolated to a specific location. What causes a headache? Causes of primary headaches are Alcohol, particularly red wine, Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain […]


Symptoms Pain Overview Pain can be interpreted as some signal sent from the brain making the body to react. Tissue damage causes pain and our body needs to react before further damage. Pain is not a pleasant condition for anyone and it interferes with our daily life badly. What are the causes of pain? The […]