Symptoms Cough Overview Coughing occurs to clear the airways of mucus and foreign irritants like dust or smoke. Mostly it doesn’t sign for any serious complications. Cough with no phlegm(thick mucus) is known as DRY COYGH it will be some tickly. Cough with Phlegm production is named as CHESTY COUGH. The cough which sounds like […]


Symptoms Wheezing Overview Wheezing is a coarse whistle that is high pitched made while breathing. It can be heard while you exhale some people in severe cases we can hear during inhaling. Wheezing is normally a symptom of any serious respiratory problem. What does it mean to be wheezing? wheezing is a high pitched whistle […]

Shortness of breath

Symptoms Shortness of breath Overview Shortness of breath which is known as dyspnea is difficulty in breathing which due to not getting full air into the lungs. Some people get it for a short time and some for a long time. Some of the causes are obesity, extreme temperature, heavy exercise. Dyspnea on exertion is […]