Ejaculation disorder

Symptoms Ejaculation disorder Overview Ejaculation disorder is one of the most common sexual dysfunction for men. There are different issues in it like premature ejaculation which is very common, Delayed ejaculation may be due to drug-induced, No ejaculation, Retrograde ejaculation from the incompetence of bladder neck. This sexual dysfunction is known as ejaculatory dysfunction. What […]

Libido decreased

Symptoms Libido decreased Overview Decrease of libido also the loss of libido is one of the common problems for both men and women. Mostly relationship issues are cause for the libido decrease. Stress and tension are also caused libido decrease. Also, libido decrease can be a sign of any underlying medical problem. What causes decreased […]

Delayed orgasm

Symptoms Delayed orgasm Overview Delayed orgasm or anorgasmia in women is defined as difficulty or absence of obtaining an orgasm during intercourse. Delayed orgasm results in sexual dissatisfaction due to delay climax. How many times can a woman have an orgasm in one day? A woman can have over 20 times of multiple orgasims in […]


Symptoms Anorgasmia Overview Inability to achieve orgasm even after adequate stimulation in women is known as anorgasmia. This is a type of sexual dysfunction in women. Anorgasmia in women is also common. Does orgasm help you lose weight? Orgasm plays a good role in maintaining the proper shape and structure, also helps in losing weight. […]


Symptoms Dyspareunia Overview Pain that is experienced while sexual intercourse is known as Dyspareunia. Pain is usually due to deep pressure against the cervix. This can normally felt on the external surface of the genitalia or deeper in the pelvis. The small portion of the vagina or vulva can get affected. What causes dyspareunia? Physical […]

Erectile dysfunction

Symptoms Erectile dysfunction Overview Erectile dysfunction (ED) is known as having some difficulty or impotent in achieving and maintaining a sufficient erection to have complete sex. Mostly the causes are medically related or many on the psychological factors. Causes that are organic are usually due to the underlying medical condition affecting the nerves or any […]