Aching muscles


Muscle pain is usually due to overuse of muscles, tension, muscle injury from exercise. The main and the common cause of muscle ache is fibromyalgia it is a condition which causes your muscle to get tendered. This may lead to many other issues like headache, etc.

The most common cause of aching muscle is minor injuries, stress, tension. The causes of aching also include fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Dystonia, polymyositis, muscle cramp, sprains.

Muscle aches are commonly the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Muscle aches may occur in a specific area or whole part of the body. palliative care or supportive care is the managing of symptoms for cancer patients which is very important.

Aching muscles treatment or muscle stiffness treatment include

Have a proper warm-up before starting your exercise.

Properly hydrate yourself

Know to use your sore muscles

Prevention is important for the aching of muscles treatment.

Having proper nutrition is very important for sore muscles relief

Some of the home remedies for sore muscles are including Beetroot, caffeine, sour cherries, ginger, tomato juice, fish, coconut water, Curcuma.

Common causes of muscle aches are overextension, trauma to an area to the body, anaemia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, dermatomyositis, lupus, sprain, influenza, flu.

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