Inability to achieve orgasm even after adequate stimulation in women is known as anorgasmia. This is a type of sexual dysfunction in women. Anorgasmia in women is also common.

Orgasm plays a good role in maintaining the proper shape and structure, also helps in losing weight. Making it busy for 30 minutes can lead to the burning of calories. AS per some surveys, there are facts available like one may burn up to 200 calories.

As per surveys, it is estimated that men burn about 101 calories on average during the 24-minute session and women burn about 69 calories as per 4.2 and 3.1 calories per minute respectively.

As per Brahmbhatt, your hypothalamus goes into overdrive when you reach orgasm, this prepares your body to feel good state. When your vaginal walls start to contracts there will be a release of oxytocin accompanied by an increase in dopamine. The major stress hormone is wipe out named cortisol which is cleared out with the help of oxytocin.

The pre-ejaculated fluid is referred to as precum. It is not frequently possible to get pregnant from precum. But also there are reported cases from many women worldwide that women got pregnant from precum. There are rare cases for every factor and this too is also possible when there is living sperm is present in the precum and result in pregnancy.

Endomorphin and oxytocin are the hormones that are normally released during orgasm which is respectively known as a natural pain killer and love hormones. Before reaching orgasm brain release oxytocin which is accompanied by endomorphin.

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