Arm, leg swelling or Edema limbs


Swelling in any parts of the body is referred to as Edema. If legs and arms will get affected it will be named peripheral edema. During edema fluid gets gathered in the tissue. Edema happens when your small blood vessels leak fluid into nearby tissues.

Common causes of oedema are obesity, Staying in the same position for a longer time, Problems with your kidney, liver or heart, Sudden change in temperature

Causes of peripheral edema:

There are many causes for peripheral edema such as Wearing tight pants, Obesity, Diabetes, pressure on veins, hormonal changes, excessive salt intake

Leg edema is caused when the blood vessels or tissues hold more fluid than needed. This may be caused if you stand or sit too long. It may be a sign that you are not getting proper exercise and you are extra weight. Swollen legs are often referred to as leg edema or edema in legs.

Swelling in legs is caused if you take large salt, having heart failure, during pregnancy and side effects of certain medications.

See your doctor if you have Unexpected swelling with chest pain and if the blood pressure increases.

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