Body odor


Apocrine sweat gland secrets sweat in the human skin gland. This secret majority of chemical compounds which is used to metabolize odorant substances. Body odor is the unpleasant smell that arouses from the human body when the bacteria present in the skin break down sweat into acids. This may result in smelly armpits or armpit odor.

Body odor is unique for every individual and it is created due to the break down of sweat acids. This is also said that it is the smell of the bacteria but actually it is the smell arisen when the bacteria convert the sweat into acids. They may be sometimes very bad body odor.

The apocrine gland which produces the sweat is high in protein and the bacteria present in the skin convert the protein into acids during this process odor rises. This results in body odor. The sweat doesnt have a smell on its own.

Any diseases which affect the metabolism may result in the secretion of fragrance and results in body odor. Ovarian cancer doesn’t affect the metabolism but altogether cancer affects the metabolism and results in body odor.

If you feel like having a metallic smell then it is just a body odor. When your skin is exposed to iron then chemical compounds that are present in the skin ejects such metallic smell.

Puberty, sweating or poor hygiene may result in a body odor. Medications, environment or food consumed may result in sudden body odor. Any medical condition may result in sudden body odor or an instant change in body odor.

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Body odor

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