Chills are the feeling of being cold and a person starts to shiver. It may not be due to the external cold climatic condition but due to internal health issues like a fever. It is a symptom of abnormal health conditions and mostly arises due to fever. There are other causes for chills apart from fever. These can be cancer, urinary tract infection, flu, pneumonia, psychological trauma, etc. 

Rapid alternation of muscle contractions and relaxation causes shivering or chills. The reason for the muscle contractions is that the body is trying to warm itself. Chills with fever or without fever and if you have found yourselves shivering without fever it occurs without fever or not due to any cold conditions then it must be diagnosed.

Chills can sometimes be a symptom of hematologic cancer. Fever, anemia, persistent cough are also associated with it. Chills occurring without fever must be taken seriously and it is essential to consult a doctor in that case. Blood cancers usually have symptoms like bleeding, lymph node swelling, chills, etc.

The causes of chills can vary and the treatment depends on the cause. Sometimes you can get a fever with chills and in this case, taking a bath in lukewarm water and drinking plenty of water can help. There are over the counter medications like aspirin[not to be given to children], Tylenol, Advil, etc[take only after consulting a physician].

Psychological disorders like anxiety, stress, etc can cause effects like chills, sweating, etc. During anxiety or stress, the body reacts by secreting stress hormones to counter it. This stress hormone production can trigger effects like sweating, chills, shivering, etc.

Fever is commonly accompanied by chills. Cold chills are in fact the trick of the body to keep it warm by contracting and relaxing muscles. When we are in a cold environment, our body does this work. If fever, anxiety or environment is not the reason for the chills, then it must be diagnosed properly.

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