Concentration impairment


Cancer treatment can also lead to memory or concentration problems. Chemotherapy which is included in cancer treatment can cause complications like difficulty in thinking, concentrating, or remembering things. When treated with radiation therapy it also leads to concentration impairments. These cognitive problems may arise during the start of the treatment or after treatment.

The inability to have a sharp memory or lack of sharp focus is called Brain fog. During cancer treatment or after treatment cancer patients will notice a certain change in their thinking and other cognitive abilities this is known as cancer- related brain fog. It is also known as chemo-brain, cancer-induced brain fog.

Memory loss is also included in the Cognitive problems. As per the national institute of cancer Cancer and cancer treatment may lead to cognitive disorders and delirium complications, mainly to the people who are receiving advanced treatment.

Cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment may cause stress and anxiety for cancer patients which can affect the ability to focus on any activities. Memory and concentration problems can be caused by Fatigue which leads to confusion. Memory problems can be treated with the help of a doctor.

Causes for lack of concentration includes



Emotional stress.

Brain injury.






Medications and some medical conditions.

Hormonal changes

Below are some small steps to decrease your concentration impairment or not being distracted

Start by Assessing Your Mental Focus like

Eliminate Distractions and Focus on One Thing at a Time

Live in the Moment and don’t always bother about many things

Practice Mindfulness

Try Taking a Short Break after every work

Keep Practicing to Strengthen Your Focus on specified things

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Concentration impairment

Symptoms Concentration impairment Overview Cancer treatment can also lead to memory or concentration problems. Chemotherapy which


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