Delayed orgasm


Delayed orgasm or anorgasmia in women is defined as difficulty or absence of obtaining an orgasm during intercourse. Delayed orgasm results in sexual dissatisfaction due to delay climax.

A woman can have over 20 times of multiple orgasims in a row. According to the study, a woman can have 20 times in a single session of intercourse. Out of 10, about 7 women feel the same.

During orgasm, endorphins are released to the bloodstream which makes the women well satisfied, happy, giddy, warm and sleepy. A female orgasim is a physical reflex brought through sexual intercourse felt by the women.

Orgasm is defined as the sudden release of endorphin with a series of muscle contradictions in the genetic region of women. Male ejaculation always attained with orgasm. This is expressed as the result of sexual stimulation. The orgasm feels like satisfaction and completion.

As per Pizarro, it’s not usual or universal but menopause has reported in decreased libido in women. During menopause, there will be a lot of physical, mental and hormonal changes.

Normally the complications are mentally more than physical if you have anogasmia

Less satisfaction or unsatisfaction during intercourse

Relationship issues between partners due to unsatisfaction

Low sexual pleasure

Resulting in male fertility.

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