Depression is a mental disorder where a person always feels sad and less energetic. People with depression have no interest in activities and will be very less interactive with others. A continued feeling of being sad affects the sleep patterns, appetite and affects health badly. The therapies include counseling and yoga etc.

The five common mental disorders are dementia, Schizophrenia, psychotic disorders Anxiety disorders, eating disorders, etc. Also, there are different types of depressions like major or clinical depression, persistent, bipolar, perinatal, depressive psychosis, seasonal, situational, atypical, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, etc.

The signs of depression are more exhibited in the adults of the age group 18 to 25. About 9 percent of women and 5 percent of men are in the clutches of depression.

Stress causing cancer is a rare case. Stress or depression can affect health badly like sleeplessness etc. Only a few studies reported a link between cancer and psychological factors.

Chemotherapy can mentally affect us. The feeling of being in the clutches of cancer and fear of death can trigger depression symptoms. Chemotherapy symptoms can be nausea, fatigue, sleeplessness, hallucinations, confusion, etc.

Stress and anxiety can occur from the beginning of cancer diagnosis. This stress, in turn, affects health badly. Chemo brain is a side-effect of chemotherapy and its effect can cause fatigue or other cognitive impairment.

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Symptoms Depression Overview Depression is a mental disorder where a person always feels sad and less


Symptoms Anxiety Overview Anxiety is a psychological effect that occurs as part of a natural response


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