If you feel weak, fainting, giddiness or unsteady it is referred to as dizziness. Dizziness also makes the false sense that you or your surrounding is spinning or moving it is called vertigo. Many people report dizziness to the doctor and it is a common reason.

You need not be worried if you feel dizziness alone for a few minutes, but need to check with your doctor if you have symptoms like fainting or weakness. Immediate medical attention is needed if you experience double vision, trouble using your arm and leg, and vomiting.

Vertigo causes are a sudden drop in blood pressure, Complications in heart muscle, blood volume decreases, Anxiety, low amount of nutrition iron, Low blood sugar, infection in the ear, dehydration in the body, Heatstroke, Heavy exercise.

There are some self-care tips which will help in handling the dizziness like move carefully and slowly when you are feeling dizziness, Sit in a place, Intake of a large amount of water or any other fluids, it is better to avoid coffee, alcohol, and drugs, get more rest.

Usually, dizziness lasts up to 2 – 3 weeks. Mild vertigo doesn’t last more than 2 weeks. severe vertigo lasts for several weeks. People having Ménière’s disease will experience vertigo coming and going over time. Lightheadedness lasts only for a few seconds or for a minute.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to dizziness. Also, the deficiency of vitamin may lead to a large number of neurological problems, feeling off-balance. The dizziness treatment also includes a proper supplement of vitamins.

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Symptoms Dizziness Overview If you feel weak, fainting, giddiness or unsteady it is referred to as

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