Dry Mouth


Xerostomia which is known as dry mouth is due to the lack of production of saliva in the salivary gland. Due to less production of saliva, the moisture in the mouth gets reduced. Normally saliva is used for chewing, swallowing, tasting, talking, preventing tooth decay by neutralizing acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth, dry mouth reduces the use of saliva.

Dry mouth causes are Rough tongue, mouth sores, cracked lips and they are mostly the symptoms of Diabetes, Stroke, Yeast infection, Alzheimer’s disease, reasons for dry mouth also include autoimmune diseases, Sjogren’s diseases, HIV/AIDS, Snoring and breathing with your mouth open, Tobacco and alcohol use.

Treatments of dry mouth:

Dry mouth remedies normally include home remedies like;

Sipping water often

Take small bites and chew your food well

Add liquids like gravy, sauce, milk or yogurt to solid foods

Try sugarless chewing gum

Avoid hot, spicy or acidic foods

Using a humidifier in your room before sleep to make the room moisturized

Avoid intaking alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine

Rinse or spray often using artificial saliva

Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol

Try to breathe through the nose.

Drink a minimum of 8 glass of water

Dry mouth is caused when the salivary gland is not able to produce enough saliva and leaves the mouth dry. Simply it is the symbol of dehydration in the body which means there is not enough water is present to produce saliva by the salivary gland. Dry mouth also occurs due to the intake of alcohol, tobacco and also sometimes when you are feeling anxious, nervous or depressed.

Salivary glands get damaged during treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Saliva gets thicker and causes dry mouth while undergoing chemotherapy. It usually takes about 2 to 8 weeks to be normal after treatment. Radiation therapy to head, neck, and face leads to dry mouth. It takes more than 6 months to be normal after the radiation therapy ends.

Mostly the causes of dry mouth are Stress, Anxiety, Smoking tobacco, Breathing through the mouth, Diabetes, Stroke, Oral thrush, Alzheimer’s disease, Cystic fibrosis, Aging, Radiation therapy to the neck, face, and head, Yeast infection, Alcohol consuming, Due to autoimmune disease, Botulism poisoning, Certain medications, Chemotherapy, Using marijuana.

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