Dry skin


Dry skin or Xerosis is a condition that happens due to the lack of a sufficient amount of water in the top layer of skin, epidermis. It is exhibited as scaling, cracking and itching of the skin. Skin being dry invites rash attacks and skin breakdown. Dry skin can be treated under a dermatologist. Common eczema occurs as dry skin under eyes, scaly skin on hand, foot, dry face, etc.

There are both external and internal causes of dry skin. The external factors can be dry wind, low humidity, overuse of harsh soap, chemical cleansers, etc. Internal causes can be due to some thyroidal issues, genetics, age, a medical condition like atopic dermatitis. Girls mostly face the problem of dry skin on face and for acute cases, applying moisturizers can help.

A person with dry skin must avoid the use of harsh soaps and chemical cleansers. The most important dry skin care includes using a moisturizer and avoid washing the skin frequently. If your skin is fully dry then bathing in warm water is best.

The Dry skin is known to have caused by the deficiency of vitamin B viz Vitamin B12, B3, B6. Apart from Vitamin B, Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to skin dryness. Collagen production is related to vitamin C and if its lack can also cause scaling, dry skin, aging.

Drinking plenty of water can help your skin glow but it is not sufficient to prevent it. Skin is an external organ and it is affected by low humidity, dry winds, cool air, and other external factors. Thus drinking water cannot help prevent dry skin instead try following some good dry skin remedies from doctors.

Vitamin E is known to have good antioxidant properties to protect skin from drying and damage. Vitamin E can be taken orally as it is available as capsules in the market.

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