Pain that is experienced while sexual intercourse is known as Dyspareunia. Pain is usually due to deep pressure against the cervix. This can normally felt on the external surface of the genitalia or deeper in the pelvis. The small portion of the vagina or vulva can get affected.

Physical factors that cause dyspareunia includes the dryness produced in the vagina due to menopause, Natural childbirth, certain medications, breastfeeding, arousal before intercourse. Some complications like skin disorders which may lead to ulcers, cracks, itching or burning. Infections also cause yeast or urinary tract infections.

Drug ospemifene which is approved by food and drug administration is used to treat dyspareunia which is severe to a moderate level in women who are suffering from vaginal lubrication. The treatment usually includes the direct application of estrogen to the vagina. Premarin cream is also used to treat dyspareunia.

Symptoms include Penetration pain which is caused only at sexual entry. Pain experienced during the inserting of tampon or every penetration. Burning or aching pain, throbbing pain which can last upto hours after intercourse.

Pain that is experienced while sexual intercourse is referred to as Dyspareunia. Mostly the pain may be moderate some times the pain will be severe and result in many discomforts. The causes are mainly physical and also psychological. Menopause can also result in dyspareunia.

Health complications that are caused due to dyspareunia are very low and mostly it only affects the sexual life of a person. Also, dissatisfaction in sexual life may lead to many psychological problems. The dyspareunia is curable with proper treatment and good self-care.

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