Ejaculation disorder


Ejaculation disorder is one of the most common sexual dysfunction for men. There are different issues in it like premature ejaculation which is very common, Delayed ejaculation may be due to drug-induced, No ejaculation, Retrograde ejaculation from the incompetence of bladder neck. This sexual dysfunction is known as ejaculatory dysfunction.

Some common causes of poor ejaculation are

Any injury in the spinal cord

Any cancer treatment like surgery to treat prostate or testicular cancer

Specified surgery to treat an enlarged prostate gland or a weak urine stream

Diabetes or multiple sclerosis can cause damage to nerves

The causes of premature ejaculation are Abnormal hormone levels. Any changes in brain chemicals such as neurotransmitters. any infection on prostrate or urethra can cause premature ejaculation.

According to the study in 2016, the men who are able to ejaculate frequently are in less danger of getting prostate cancer.

Some doctor advises like starting masturbating an hour or two before having intercourse will help you. There are some physical activities and exercises which may give a helping hand. These helps in premature ejection problem solution

Side effects of not ejaculating include

Any stress and anxiety about sexual performance are the psychological effects.

Marital and relationship problems due to unsatisfaction in sex

Loss of ability to make your partner pregnant result of male infertility.

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Ejaculation disorder

Symptoms Ejaculation disorder Overview Ejaculation disorder is one of the most common sexual dysfunction for men.

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