Erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is known as having some difficulty or impotent in achieving and maintaining a sufficient erection to have complete sex. Mostly the causes are medically related or many on the psychological factors. Causes that are organic are usually due to the underlying medical condition affecting the nerves or any blood vessels supplying blood to the penis.

Normally the causes of ed in men are physical and they are

Clogged blood vessels in the body

Any heart-related disease or complications

Diabetes and high blood pressure

Obesity and also overweight

Parkinson’s disease

Some metabolic symptoms like high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, low or high insulin, large amount of body fat around the waist.

Some self-care is important to ed treatment

Stop having alcohol

Smokers should stop smoking

Reduce your overweight you carry

Avoid drugs in possible ways

Have counseling about relationship issues

Ed medications are also prescribed by doctors.

Erectile dysfunction can be reversed by proper lifestyle and better relationships. But ED is not cured, treatment can reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Cancer treatment also has sexual side effects like erectile dysfunction in men. Also, some other sexual side effects caused by cancer and cancer treatment is difficulty in climaxing.

Pelvic surgeries may result in permanent erectile dysfunction due to a lack of blood supply to the blood vessel and nerves in the penis. In pelvic surgery, there is a possibility of damage to the blood vessels and nerves surrounding.

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