Lack of energy and feeling a lot tired is referred to as Fatigue. It is not like always feeling like sleepy or drowsy. There will be no energy or any other motivation to any works when you are fatigued. Sleepy and fatigue are different and feeling sleepy may be the result of fatigue.

Usual symptoms of fatigue or tiredness

Lack of physical activity

Lack of sleep

Sedentary lifestyle




Having alcohol on a regular basis


Viruses that are reported as fatigue causes are Epstein-Barr virus, Human herpes virus 6, human immunodeficiency virus, enterovirus, rubella., West Nile virus., Ross River virus are able to cause fatigue.

Fatigue just makes our life more tired and feeling like low energy. It will result in unconcentrated to do any work and unfreshness.

Cancer normally disturbs our hormonal system and may lead to tiredness and fatigue. Tumors also compete for more nutrition and some cancer need a large amount of energy than usual which lead to fatigue.

Foods which can be used to overcome fatigue or included in fatigue treatment are

Healthy foods like unprocessed foods

Fruits and vegetables

Foods high in lean protein

Nuts like cashew and badam

A large amount of water

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Symptoms Fatigue Overview Lack of energy and feeling a lot tired is referred to as Fatigue.


Symptoms Insomnia Overview Sleeplessness is referred to as insomnia means trouble in falling asleep or staying


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