Flashing lights


When retina gets pulled by the vitreous gel inside your eye gels, you can see the flashing lights, lights flashing or streak of lightning, If you ever got hit in the eye then you have experienced the flash lightning. These flashing of lights may come and go for several weeks or even for a month. You should consult a proper eye specialist for eye floaters treatment.

Retina gets tugged when the vitreous gel shrinks and this leads to the flashing of light in the eye. This may be chronic the flashing of lights may come and go up to several weeks or months.

If the vitreous gel present in the eye shrinks and thickens it tugs the retina and causes flash in the eye. Flashers and floaters in eye can be caused by the trauma in the eye, also migraine headaches or retinal detachment.

Flashes are caused due to aging and usually, it is harmless. But if you are experiencing it frequently then medical attention is needed. May it indicates the presence of any serious issues in the eye.

When you get stressed for a long time it makes you sensitive to light and causes strain in your eyes. Also when you are tensed while over stressing your eyes, it may lead the eye to tighten, twitching and soreness.

Normally flashing will be for a some time and leaves completely. But sometimes it may come and go like on and off and it will be like for 6 months. Floaters will get smaller when the time and goes like for weeks and months and disappears completely.

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