Flatulence is the buildup of gas in the digestive system. The gas formed is passed out through the back passage, which is commonly called as ‘farting’ or ‘farts’. Excessive flatulence is a huge discomfort and embarrassing situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Passing wind is common in people but if it is in excess then it must be controlled.

Flatulence or farting is a common digestive issue faced by almost 90% of people but excessive flatulence is the cause of any serious digestive system disorder or bowel syndrome. It can also occur due to lactose intolerance or a high-fiber diet intake.

Flatulence is commonly due to the consumption of gas-rich food items. Thus avoiding gassy food items can keep farting in control. Seek the best flatulence treatment for excessive flatulence.

  • Avoid taking food having artificial sweeteners

  • Drinking before having food

  • Slow eating

  • Use activated charcoal & Over-The-Counter[OTC] digestive aids

Flatulence is an embarrassing condition. There are Over-The-Counter medications to treat excessive flatulence. This includes compounds like Beano[OTC containing sugar, digestive enzyme], activated charcoal and antacids, etc.

There are some home remedies for treating flatulence. Since Ginger is a natural carminative agent so consume ginger tea for good results. Having lime juice mixed with baking soda and water is also a remedy.

Bad or unhealthy flatulence can be figured out when it has a bad odor and it occurs frequently. The causes of flatulence can be swallowing air or having food that is undigestable. Smelly flatulence can also be a sign of any serious digestive disorder like Irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, etc.

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