Gynecomastia/Breast pain


If a male has an enlargement or swelling of breast tissue is referred to as Gynecomastia. This is commonly caused due to the increased level of estrogen than testosterone levels in males.

While attaining puberty there will be more production of estrogen which develops breast. Every menstrual cycle may result in various hormonal changes that result in changes in breast tissue which causes pain in some women. Mastalgia which is also known as breast pain is normally reported by women.

Normally after two or three weeks, the swollen breast tissue will be disappeared after birth. Gynecomastia is also caused during puberty, also hormonal changes is normally common and mostly in many cases it gets disappeared over time like six months to two years.

There are many different reasons for breast pain. If it is during the menstrual cycle then it is known as cyclical mastalgia. Breast pain may also be accompanied by pain, tenderness or any discomfort. pain may be sometimes on one breast.

There is large number of reasons for gynecomastia it is mainly due to the imbalance of female hormone estrogen is very high over male hormone testosterone. Estrogen is responsible for growth of breast tissue. Also, some risk factors include if you have kidney or liver disease, alcohol abuse, hyperthyroidism, medications like some antibodies, some heart drugs, also tea tree oil and lavender oil present in the soaps and shampoos also has some side effects.

Normally breast pain is not related or an early sign of cancer. But the tumor in the breast may result in breast pain because it pushes the healthy tissues present near. Pain or tenderness is one of the signs of inflammatory breast cancer.

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