Hand foot syndrome


Palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia is another name for the hand-foot syndrome. This may result as a side effect of cancer treatment. there will be redness, swelling, pain, tightness of the skin, severe pain, difficulty in walking or using your hand, soles of the foot and also some blisters can appear.

Mostly the causes are cancer treatment. This is the side effect of chemotherapy it is the result of the leaking of medications used in cancer treatment from the capillaries (small blood vessels).

Signs of hand-foot symptoms may appear in all parts of the body where more pressure is experienced like the side of feet, in between toes. Hand-foot syndrome increases after 3-6 weeks of starting chemotherapy based on the medications. It may last up to a few weeks after finishing chemotherapy. Symptoms may range from mild to high in severe cases it causes difficulty in using your hands and in walking.

Avoid having hot baths, Don’t dip your hand or feet in the hot water, Don’t wear tight pant or socks, Avoid itching, Wear soft cotton socks, Wear a cotton glove while working outside the home, Ensure your hand and feet are well moisturized

Chemo is the main cause of the hand-foot syndrome and some time sit causes blisters too. Usually, it may occur after weeks after starting chemotherapy.

Hand and foot syndrome looks like redness, swelling, pain, and tightness of the skin in the foot and in the palm of the hand. Blisters, difficulty in using your hand and also in walking, pain, cracked or peeling of skin in severe cases.

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