Hives are also known as Urticaria. This is a sudden outbreak that produces pale red bumps, swollen or wheals on the skin, this may be due to the result of certain allergies any other unknown reasons. Usually, hives produce itching and sometimes it will be burning or sting. It can appear all over the body including face, tongue, throat, lips, or ears. If urticaria lasts more than 6 weeks then it is considered as chronic urticaria.

Hives on skin are caused when there is the release of histamine and other chemicals under the surface of the skin. Mostly there are many unknown and known cases. Known cause of urticaria are Certain medications like Antibiotica, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Foods like shellfish, eggs nuts, etc, Some infections like Urinary tract infection, strep throat, Cockroach, High body temperature, Dust mites infection, Latex, Exercise, Some plants, and certain chemicals

Applying cold packs to the affected area will help in reducing inflammation. Applying aloe vera gel healing process of aloe vera gel helps in reducing inflammation. Bathing will be a good remedy and it results in less itching and pain. Avoid irritants like exposing to the sun, using perfume, soaps, moisturizers or any other creams. Medications like antihistamines, steroid tablets, calamine lotion, diphenhydramine, such as Benadryl

Hives are normally nondangerous when they are alone and if they lead to any complications like shortening of breath then immediate medical attention will be needed.

There are standard medications for hives such as antihistamines for reducing itching, steroid tablets for reducing swelling, calamine lotion, diphenhydramine, such as Benadryl

Stress rash which is developed due to stress. Hives are raised and may vary in size and can be itchy sometimes it will burn and sting.

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