Change in a normal voice like strain, sounding breathy, changes in volume becoming too loud, hard is known as hoarseness. Hoarseness is a symptom of any disorder in our body and it is not a disease.

The causes of hoarse include

Due to a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract

If you use your voice too hard and too loud

Gastroesophageal reflux


Allergies, thyroid problems

Acute laryngitis

Hoarseness is a symptom and it is not a disease if the hoarseness lasts longer than 3 weeks it may due to laryngeal cancer. If you are a smoker you ca feel hoarseness due to the irritation of throat lining. Also, hoarseness and thyroid are interlinked and it is a sign of thyroid and throat cancer.

There is not a single cause for hoarseness and hypothyroidism is also often overlooked cause.

If the hoarseness lasts longer than 3 weeks it may be considered as the symptom of laryngeal cancer symptoms. There will be a breathing problem, constant irritation, feeling of having a cough is also the early signs of cancer. a noisy type of breathing will occur due to the narrowing of the vocal cords by laryngeal cancer.

Some home and self hand remedies are mostly enough to avoid hoarseness are

Try not to use your voice for too long and too loud

Avoid alcohol and caffeine which dehydrates

Quit smoking

Avoid clearing your voice more often

Drink plenty of fluids

Avoid whispering

Moisten your throat

Humidify your room

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