Injection site reaction


On injecting a drug on the skin, there can be cases of redness or inflammation in the area where the drug was injected. This is called an injection site reaction. It happens because of extravasation that is when drugs escape out of veins after injection. Sometimes it can be a local allergic reaction or flare reaction. A severe reaction and skin damage can be caused by the extravasation of vesicant drugs.

The way of treating injection site swelling depends on the intensity of the reaction. Most of the inflammation after injection is mild. Applying a cold pack reduces pain, swelling, etc. Sometimes the pressure is applied at the site till the bleeding stops. There are also over the counter pain medicines to treat injection site reactions. If fever accompanies then antipyretics can help.

It is advised to move the arm after receiving the injection. Over-the-counter pain relievers help reduce swelling. Applying a warm pack on and taking off the site can help.

There is an injection or a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in women. This cervical cancer vaccine is known to be the most painful shot. It was also reported that fainting too accompanies after the injection of this vaccine. It is named as Gardasil vaccine that prevents cancer-causing virus transmitted sexually. Also, vesicant medications during chemotherapy can cause an injection site reaction.

In some cases for tender skin as that in babies, small hard lumps can form after an injection. Lumps occur when the skin is unable to absorb the medication. It is a normal immune system response to certain vaccinations. It will go after a few weeks.

Sometimes the injection pain can last for a day, which is rare commonly. Normal cases, the pain will go suddenly after a mild massage on the area immediately after injection. If the discomfort lasts for long, over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken. The injection pain or reaction can cause severe skin damage when a lot of vesicants extravasation occurs.

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