Sleeplessness is referred to as insomnia means trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep. Insomnia may be acute or chronic if you have insomnia for 1 night to a few weeks then it is acute, if you have insomnia for more than 3 weeks it is chronic sleep insomnia.

Normally the common causes of insomnia are stress and tension. Some life events like death or illness of a loved one, a divorce, joblessness also having treatment for any diseases causes emotional stress and causes insomnia.

The main symptom is not able to fall asleep, having difficulty in staying asleep, waking up too early in the morning, feeling very tired, having fatigue and having difficulty in refreshing.

The main foods which cause insomnia are



Foods high in lean protein

Cheese pizza

Dark chocolate

Sugar and flour

Normally chemotherapy doesn’t have side effects like sleeplessness, but drugs used have different side effects. Normally people who are having chemo treatment will be depressed which has side effects like insomnia.

Some self-care tips will be useful in insomnia treatment are

Waking up at a specific time every morning

Have a limit number of naps

Better to avoid alcohol before sleep

Have a practice of regular exercise

Make your sleeping environment good for you.

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Symptoms Insomnia Overview Sleeplessness is referred to as insomnia means trouble in falling asleep or staying


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