Libido decreased


Decrease of libido also the loss of libido is one of the common problems for both men and women. Mostly relationship issues are cause for the libido decrease. Stress and tension are also caused libido decrease. Also, libido decrease can be a sign of any underlying medical problem.

Causes of decreased libido are many psychological factors like stress, anxiety, pressure, or any other relationship issues. Using heavy drugs in any form, consuming large alcohol, and low blood level of testosterone.

During orgasm, endorphins are released to the bloodstream which makes the women well satisfied, happy, giddy, warm and sleepy. An orgasm is a physical reflex brought through sexual intercourse felt by the women.

Radiotherapy which is used to treat cancer can affect blood vessels and nerves near the sexual organs can lead to low testosterone. Radiation therapy can also cause fertility. Chemotherapy also has a permanent effect.

Libido decrease also happens in women. There are physical and mental factors causing libido decrease. Mental factors like anxiety, depression are very important.

Symptoms include a change in menstruation period, feeling pain during intercourse. men may feel erectile dysfunction. Normally treatments for prolactinomas include medication and surgery.

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