Mucositis oral


Mucositis oral is the most common complication of cancer treatment, particularly for chemotherapy and radiation. Mucositis can occur anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract which occurs in mouth is known as oral mucositis. It is more common in people undergoing high dose chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Stomatitis is also a type of mucositis. It is also known as Oral mucositis cancer.

Having a complicated series of biological events triggering the ultimately compromising the integrity of the oral mucosa. Minor trauma to the mouth from speaking, chewing and swallowing will result in ulceration of the mouth. High dose chemotherapy and localized dose of radiation therapy to the head, neck, and face.

As per MASCC/ISOO guidelines, it is better to use cryotherapy for patients receiving bolus doses of 5-fluorouracil, melphalan, and edatrexate. It is recommended to place ice cube s in the mouth before 5 minutes of the start of chemotherapy and if needed it can be placed up to 30 minutes and this is one of the mucositis treatment.

Usually, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for healing oral mucositis after completing chemotherapy. If there is no infection mucositis will heal by themselves. Depending on how long you have radiation therapy it may long up to 6 -8 weeks.

Signs and symptoms of mucositis include:

Sores in the mouth, difficulty swallowing or talking, Red, shiny and swollen mouth and gums, Mild burning and pain while eating, Thicker saliva in the mouth, Feeling of dryness, Blood in mouth, Softbwhitish patches or pus in the mouth

Mucositis is not an infection, it is a medical term that is used to refer mouth sores which are developed during cancer treatment. It may result in several complications like pain, nutritional problems due to the inability to eat and lead to infections due to opening in the sores. Since it is not an infection this cannot be prevented by using antibodies or antibacterial medications and it is not communicable.

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Mucositis oral

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