Nail loss


Nail loss or onycholysis is a condition where the nails of a person start detaching from the nail bed. Nail loss is not a serious health issue but it can be a symptom of any serious ailment. In this case, the nail exhibits different colors than usual. Nail loss can last for several months and sometimes losing a toenail or thumbnail can be a sign of nail cancer.

The causes of losing a fingernail can be

  • Fungal infection

  • Psoriasis

  • Medication effect

  • Reaction from chemicals like nail polish, nail polish remover, etc

  • Vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body

  • A symptom of thyroid disease

  • Intense yeast infection can also be a cause

Also, the causes of toenail loss can be a fungal infection, injury or psoriasis.

The natural oil production in the body of a person slows down with aging. The vertical ridges on the nail are common as we age. Since there is a lack of moisture as we age, it causes the nail to become thin, prone to peeling and brittle. This causes ridges. Sometimes it can indicate the lack of vitamins, minerals, cause of thyroid, psoriasis.

Nail cancer is known as Subungual Melanoma, The early detection can be difficult as in most of the cases, it is interpreted as fungus infection. In most cases, toenail or thumbnail loss occurs as a sign of nail cancer. The nail cancer signs are as follows

  • Remaining attached to the nail base, the nail can break/crack or become brittle

  • Nail discoloration

  • Ulceration and bleeding can occur

  • Varying shades on nails like brown, blue or black.

The nail will grow back after several days or months and it can return to the previous state once you recover from the disease[Nail cancer or subungual hematoma]. Many of the injuries to the nail bed can be completely repaired.

One cannot lose their Fingernails and toenails permanently. The new fingernail will take half a year to grow and for a toenail, it will take a year.

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