Nail ridging


Usually, nails have ridges Aging often results in nail ridging. There will be vertical ridges develop in older peoples some times it may indicate any symptoms of vitamin deficiency or diabetes. Also, deep horizontal ridges will be formed which is named Beau’s line, this indicates the serious condition.

Nail ridges causes are classified into vertical and horizontal – causes of vertical ridges are Aging, Malnutrition, Overuse of nail solvents, Anemia, Trachyonychia, Peripheral vascular disease, Rheumatoid arthritis. Causes of Horizontal ridges are Acute kidney disease, Diabetes, Thyroid disease, Chemotherapy

Normally vertical ridges on nails are due to aging that the living cells in the finger which is known as the nail is getting damaged. Mostly the factors are aging, deficiency in vitamin and overuse of nail solvents.

Ridges in fingernails are easy to treat and this is normally due to the lack of natural body oil. You should moisture your body first to get rid of this by using any natural or artificial moisturizers like nail oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, olive oil to prevent ridges.

Nails shows the basic health condition of the body. If you see a rosy, white or any rippling or bumps this may be a sign of any medical condition in our bodies such as any disorder in the liver, lungs, and heart.

Zinc deficiency causes Beau’s line, some vitamin deficiency causes vertical ridges.

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