Numbness & tingling


Numbness and tingling can occur in any part of the body it is like an unusual prickling sensation. There are no specific causes but it may be a sign of any disease or injury. Treatment will be according to the disease diagnosed.Numbness in hands and feet, numbness in legs are very usual.

Both are sensations. Both are sensations. If a single branch of nerve unable to receive any signal then it may lead to numbness at the same time if you experience pressure on any single part of the body then it may lead to feelings like prickling of needles which is tingling.

Irritated or compressed nerves result in numbness in the chest. Health conditions that affect the nervous system are the conditions leading to numbness and tingling.

Any disorder or complications in the central nervous system will cause numbness and tingling. Numbness in hand is due to multiple sclerosis, stroke, and disorders of the brain and spinal cord. Cancer treatment drugs will also cause numbness in hand.

Mostly numbness is caused in arms or legs. It feels like a pin and needles, tingling, crawling sensation.

The vitamin deficiencies that cause numbness and tingling are vitamin E, B1, B6, B12, and niacin. Too much of B6 also cause tingling.

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Numbness & tingling

Symptoms Numbness & tingling Overview Numbness and tingling can occur in any part of the body


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