Getting a feel like that your heart is beating fast or too hard. It can be felt in your chest, throat or neck. you may also feel that your heart skipped a beat or stopped beats. it’s an unpleasant feeling of your own heartbeat. Atrial flutter also has the similar symptoms of palpitations.

Stress and anxiety are the two important causes of palpitations. Pregnancy is also a factor during this time there will be mood swings which leads to palpitations. taking alcohol. tobacco, large caffeine are also causes of heart palpitations. Mental health is an important factor in palpitation causes.

Reducing stress will play a major role in the treatment of palpitations, some of the home remedies are

Practicing relaxing exercises

Laugh therapy

Doing yoga

Avoiding nicotine, alcohol, smoking and other drugs

Avoiding caffeine

You may feel like your heart is racing and skipping a beat or added an extra beat. You feel really more uncomfortable or fluttering. This may be felt in the neck, chest or throat. You will become more aware of your own heartbeat.

Palpations are not harming even though it is not advised to have it many times per day. Given that your heartbeat between 60 and 100 times a minute is good.

Mostly heart palpations are harmless. In very rare cases, it may be a sign of any heart disorder. This is due to overstress, exercise or due to any certain medications.

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