Sensitivity to sunlight


Extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from the sun or any other light source is referred to as Photosensitivity. People with photosensitivity will have the sun burn even exposed to the sun for very low time and also to any other lights will emit UV rays. The skin experiencing sunburn is known as sun sensitive skin. Also a kind of Sun allergy disease.

People who are born with a rare disease named Xeroderma pigmentosum will have extreme sensitivity to sunlight. Sun or any other light which emits UV rays will affect the skin to those peoples. They have the skin sensitive to sunlight.

If you are exposed to any source of light then the inflammation in the eyes occurs which will be painful. This is due to the foreign body in the eye or infection. light sensitivity will occur after cataract surgery.

Precaution against the sun is the best sun allergies treatment

Minimum exposure to the sunlight.

If any medications make you sensitive to sunlight try to avoid it.

Apply skin moisturizers

use sunblocks to the skin parts which are exposed to the sunlight.

Sun allergies symptoms include a stinging and burning sensation in the skin.

Rashes appear when exposed to light

Redness in the skin, Pain when the rashes occur, Blisters, Inflammation and swelling in the skin, Itching, Darkening of the skin.

Not casual exposure is dangerous but exposure to a very long time will be dangerous. Long exposure to sunlight can cause permanent damage like skin cancer, cataracts, wrinkles.

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