Shortness of breath


Shortness of breath which is known as dyspnea is difficulty in breathing which due to not getting full air into the lungs. Some people get it for a short time and some for a long time. Some of the causes are obesity, extreme temperature, heavy exercise. Dyspnea on exertion is shortness of breath occurred during physical activity.

Reasons for shortness of breath are classified into two different types on the basis of how long the dyspnea occurs – short term and long term dyspnea

Causes for dyspnea for a short time are Asthma, broken rib, pregnancy, A blood clot in your lungs, Allergy, Heart failure, Choking, Anxiety disorder

Causes of dyspnea for the long term are Obesity, High blood pressure, Stiff, thick and swollen heart muscle, Heart diseases

Some self remedies will be effective to reduce breathing problems are

1. Pursed-lip breathing

Relax your neck and shoulder muscles, breath through your nose slowly with your mouth closed. Then purse your lips as you are whistling breath out slowly with your pursed lip for four times.

2. Sitting forward

Sit in a chair leaning forward with y our feet rest on the floor. Remember to make free of your chest and shoulder muscles.

3. Stand with a supported back

4. drink coffee

5. Use your fan

6. sleep in a relaxed position

Shortness of breath is a symptom and not a disease, it may be due to complications in the body. Obesity is one of the main cause of the dyspnea, it is better to have a proper shape and seek doctor advice if necessary

Shortness in breathing results in a very frequent reason in the emergency room. If you feel shortness in breath while doing exercise then it needs immediate care it is better to visit a physician.

Heart and lung disorders are mostly the causes of the shortening of breath. SO if you have any heart disorder it may result in Shortening of breath.

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