Skin burns from radiation


Radiation therapy is one of the cancer treatments. Here, X-rays are made to penetrate through the skin to destroy the cancer cells. This process can cause a skin condition called Radiation Dermatitis or radiation burns. Burns on the skin can occur that looks like a sunburn sometimes associated with skin redness, itching, peeling, etc. The normal skin burns can be cured by minor burn treatment like applying ointments or herbal extracts.

Medications containing zinc, amifostine, corticosteroid cream, silver sulfadiazine are good for the skin burns. Washing mildly with lukewarm water on burned areas prevents infection. Use herbal mixtures with anti-inflammatory properties like the marigold plant, calendula, etc.

There will be side-effects for radiation therapy and of which comes burnt skins. In fact, radiation therapy is not purposefully done to make burns on the skin but it happens as the skin is exposed to strong x-rays.

The skin burns due to radiation can last for several years and it starts exhibiting after two weeks of the commencement of the treatment.

The affected area becomes reddish, itchy at first and these can sometimes go away after a few weeks but skin scarring and darkening will remain forever.

Once the radiation implant is removed, the body is not exposed to any radiation. But if there are permanent implants inside some patient’s body then that can give off radiation in small doses.

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