Floaters are one of the visual symptoms where one gets spots in their vision. This commonly happens with aging. In the back of the eyes, there is a gel-like substance called vitreous. The microscopic fibers of it shrink and clump together casting shadows. This shadow when fall on the retina causes floaters. The primary eye floaters cure will be provided by ophthalmologists or those specialized in treating eye diseases.

The person who has spots or lines in their eyes will feel like something is moving when he/she tries to focus. At first, it appears irritating but it will settle on its own at the base of eyes. No need to bother about floaters as they are not dangerous. They will diminish with time.

Eye floaters are the reason of cellular components in the vitreous. The intense cases of floaters are caused due to red blood cells and white blood cells from hemorrhage and inflammation respectively.

When the eye cancer or eye melanoma becomes intense, floaters can occur. When cancer becomes more intense or grows in a specified part of the eye, symptoms can occur. These include blurred vision, floaters, flashes, etc.

If floaters are accompanied by pain or vision loss, then it can be any serious eye disorder. Sometimes it can come for those who have gone eye surgery o trauma. There is eye floaters treatment for serious cases and it varies depending upon the extent and frequency.

Floaters are common aging problems affecting eyes. It is not something to bother. They are not a dangerous symptom. They will diminish with time in most cases.

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