Stretch marks


As the name suggests Stretch marks or Striae are lines or stripes formed when the skin stretches. It has an off-color hue which will not go easily and takes time to disappear. Stretch marks occur at the time of puberty and pregnancy. It will not pose a serious health threat.

Most commonly stretch marks will not fade fast naturally. But certain remedies can help in minimizing it and make it go quickly. For example, there is a nourishing cream called Mederma stretch marks, that prevents the formation of stretch marks that is having a formula helping in increasing the moisture content of the skin. But white stretch marks are the older ones and we cant get rid of that easily.

Stretch marks are difficult to diminish completely but bio-oils can help minimize its appearance. Applying bio-oils continuously for three months can give the best results. Uneven skin tones can be improved with bio-oils.

There is no direct relation of stretch marks to stress. Stretching of skin is the main cause of stretch marks. But cortisone hormone production can reduce the strength of the elastic fibers in the skin. It also gets affected by genetics and stress degree on skin.

Stretch marks don’t pose any serious health threat. It happens due to pregnancy or rapid weight gain, or puberty which sometimes will fade overtime or not.

Medicines and ointments are available in the market to reduce stretch marks. You can also try regular exfoliation to treat this. Other expensive treatments for stretch marks are available like laser therapy, microdermabrasion, micro-needling are available. There are cosmetic surgeries too for this.

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