Urinary tract pain


Urinary tract pain is the pain experienced during urination. It happens as the muscles get contracted to squeeze out fully the urine via the urethra. The cause of pain during urination can be related to different bladder problems. Urinary tract infection, interstitial cystitis, and bladder cancer are the main causes.

The symptoms of urinary tract infection are pain during urination, lower abdomen pressure, frequent urgency to urinate but only a little amount comes out. The urine can be dark, bloody or cloudy with an awkward smell. One can feel weak too.

The bacterial infection is a common urinary tract infection and this causes painful urination. Any kind of inflammation in the urinary tract[ureters, bladder, kidneys] induces pain. Seeking medication immediately is suggested.

Painful urination needs to be treated. Urinary tract infection[UTI] treatment includes medications like over-the-counter aid like AZO, Uristat. For further prevention drink plenty of water to flush out toxic chemicals in the body.

Drinking plenty of water is the first remedy. If you increase the intake of vitamin C food, drinking cranberry juice, etc can lower the intensity. Staying hydrated is very essential to prevent urinary tract infection.

Bladder cancer is the most common cancer associated with the urinary tract. The symptoms include frequent urination, feeling urination urgency but not able to pass it. There will be a burning sensation in the urethra while peeing, one side lower back pain, sometimes blood clots in urine.

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