Urine Discoloration


Changes in urine color are termed as urine discoloration. It can be normally due to medications or certain food dyes. In some cases, urine discoloration can be a reason for any serious health issues like chronic liver disease. We can say urine is discolored when it shows red, blue, green, etc. Consult a doctor, diagnose and seek the proper liver disease treatment if there is intense urine discoloration.

The color of urine is contributed by a yellow-colored pigment, Urochrome or Urobilin. The changes in the concentration of this pigment affect the urine color. Dark urine can be a cause of loss of water in the body. It is also reported that certain liver disease symptoms are exhibited as intense changes in the color of urine, especially dark-color.

The brown color of urine is due to the presence of bile, an indication of liver cirrhosis or acute hepatitis. Certain food items can cause red, pink or light brown urine. Blood in the urine can be due to kidney stones or any injury in the urinary tract.

Less intake of water can cause dark-colored urine. The color giving pigment to urine is known as Urochrome or Urobilin. If are well hydrated then you have light-colored urine. Sometimes medications and chemical compounds in food items can change urine color.

Urine discoloration sometimes indicates a serious health issue. Prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and skin cancer can change urine color in early stages. A pale yellow clear urine is the healthy one.

Cola-colored urine is the cause of myoglobinuria, the increased concentration of myoglobin. This attributes to muscle damage. In urine microscopy, it is seen as blood without red cells.

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