Vaginal discharge


Inside the vagina, there will be glands containing fluids that carry away dead cells and bacteria. This helps in keeping the vagina clean and away from infection. Vaginal discharge is normal and not much complicated. While ovulating there will be more discharge.

Vaginal discharge is normal and it is the way of cleaning the vagina from dead cells and bacteria. During ovulation and breastfeeding, it is normal to have more discharge. Exercising, use of birth control and certain pills will result in increased discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge is due to any infection. A yellow discharge may due to bacterial infection.


Normally 1- 4 ml is normal in 24 hours according to the survey. The amount can vary from person to person. It may get increased when using birth control. The abnormal discharge should have proper treatment.

Most sign of vaginal cancer is vaginal bleeding and, not vaginal discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge or pain during urinating are normally the symptoms of vaginal cancer.

Vaginal discharge is the cause for wetting down there and smell. It is normal and it is due to the yeast infection. Bacterial infection always leads to strong smell.

Cervical cancer and HPV won’t possess more symptoms normally, so vaginal discharge is always not a symptom of cervical cancer. The viruses which produce discharge may always be cured on their own.

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