Watery eyes


Watery eyes[Epiphora] or over tear secretion in the eyes occur mainly due to inflammation in the eyes. Mostly allergies are the reason for teary eyes. Over secretion of tears occur due to Tear duct blockage. Rarely dry skin can also cause watery eyes. 

Watery eyes are a cause of inflammation or swelling making tear sac blockage. When this gets blocked or narrowed then it is difficult to drain the tear. Thus this tear build-up creates watery eyes.

If you have watery eyes due to infection, then take antibiotics. Doctors may prescribe an eye drop too. The home remedy for watery eyes is placing a wet towel on the eyes can help. is If watery eyes last for long then surgery to unblock the tear duct is usually done.

Antihistamine eye drops are usually used to combat red and watery eyes. You can also use over-the-counter medicated eye drops. Since allergic conjunctivitis is the common reason for watery and red eyes, get antibiotic prescriptions.

In most of the cases, watery eyes alone is not a symptom of eye cancer or intraocular melanoma. Chronic eye cancer symptoms are exhibited as eye pain, bulging of eyes, blurred vision, red and watery eyes, etc. Watery eyes alone can be of common cold or allergy.

Covering the eyelids with a wet warm cloth several times can clear the tear duct blockage. Massaging the area with clean fingers can help. If you rub the eye corner towards the nose, then it may help to unblock the tear duct.

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